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Optical Lightning Monitoring System

Lightning is a kind of frequent natural disasters, which can not only threat the people’s lives seriously, but also can cause great harm in many fields of national defense and national economy, such as power, communication, aviation, construction, etc. Optical lightning monitoring system is structured to measure lightning current by utilizing the Faraday magneto-optic effect. It can accurately monitor the lighting current information in real time, and then transmits the detected data to upper computer, so as to realize remote network monitoring. Compared with the traditional electromagnetic lightning current transformers, optical lightning monitoring has higher electrical insulation and simpler structure, at the same time, avoids flammable and explosive hazards which are caused by oil filling of traditional electromagnetic lightning current transformers. Optical lightning monitoring system is a new product with high safety, wide frequency response range, wide application and green environmental protection.

In the Faraday magneto-optic effect, when linearly polarized light passes through a Faraday magneto-optic crystal in the direction of the magnetic field, its polarization rotates, and the rotation angle is related to the strength of electromagnetic field. Therefore, the strength of magnetic field can be detected by utilizing the rotation angle. what more, if the magnetic field is generated by a current flowing through the target conductor, Faraday magneto-optic effect can be used to measure the current.


Technical Characteristics:
Monitor the waveform, amplitude, polarity and occurrence time of lightning current; Include self-check, remote parameter setting, status query, device reset, time synchronization, factory setting recovery and other functions; Actively upload lightning data and equipment failure alarm; Adopt C/S or B/S architecture, realize client operation and browser query.

Application Fields:
Buildings and large electrical equipment that are vulnerable to lightning, such as, wind power generating units, high voltage transmission lines, tower base stations, traffic monitoring equipment.

Main Technical Parameters
Measuring range ±240KA
Measuring accuracy ≤5%
The number of channels 1or 3
Output data 15M
Record time at one time 0.1+1.4s
Communication interface Ethernet/RJ45