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Comcore participated in the 5th China (Beijing) international Fiber Optical sensing and application summit

Release time:2016-5-11

Dr. Yong huang is giving a talk at the conference

Comcore announced that it has successfully developed the first practical pfs-500 universal PM Fiber Optical welding machine with independent intellectual property rights in China, breaking through the situation that it relies on import for a long time. The design idea of the welding machine is novel and simple, breaking through the traditional technical barriers, the PM Fiber Optical angular orientation function and Fiber Optical fusion function completely separated, so that the PM Fiber Optical fusion machine in the most core angular orientation function does not have to be integrated in the narrow space of the Fiber Optical fusion unit. That can be used for space without special restrictions of high-resolution electron microscopy and combined with the company for many years precipitation technology, through the end face imaging technology, easily to arbitrarily complex end face structure of Fiber Optical angular positioning, avoids because of space limitations and to the promotion of electronic microscope resolution for integration of various limitations. It has a series of characteristics such as simple operation, direct and accurate positioning, low maintenance cost and so on. It can weld various kinds of Spun and un-spun Fiber Opticals with diameters ranging from 70 to 140 m, mainly including panda fiber, elliptical claddings, elliptical core fiber, bow-tie type fiber, d-type fiber, photonic crystal fiber, double claddings multilateral inner claddings and multi-core fiber.