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Comcore Supply Baihetan ~ Jiangsu ±800KV UHVDC Transmission Project The Measuring Device Of Yucheng (Gusu) Converter Station Has Been Installed And Will Be Put Into Operation Soon

Release time:2022-10-26

The all-fiber current measuring device for Yucheng (Gusu) converter station of Baihetan to Jiangsu ±800KV UHVDC transmission project, which Comcore has undertaken and supplied, has started the system commissioning and end-to-end commissioning of Yucheng (Gusu) ±800kV converter station project on September 25, 2022 after the initial intensive installation and construction. At present, the overall commissioning progress is smooth, and strive to achieve the overall project before the end of the year.  

After winning the bid, We are faced with severe challenges such as tight lead time and heavy production tasks,companies with sensing division as the core, to optimize the integration of resources to set up project tasks to protect for the crucial group, and the official opening is located in zhejiang jiaxing pinghu city economic and technological development zone covers an area of nearly 7000 square meters production base of zhejiang Comcore all put into production.  Over the past year, under the strict epidemic control of the society, Comcore top managment has taken strong measures toensure the stability of the staff and strictly grasp the material supply chain and production quality control process.  Under the joint efforts of the Comcore's vast R & D, production, commissioning and service personnel, the Baihetan ~ Jiangsu project successfully completed the production and delivered to the site in batches according to the established plan of the project department, effectively guaranteeing the completion of the installation schedule of the site installation unit.  

In the process of equipment installation and commissioning, Comcore organized experienced professional engineers to go to the site for coordination and guidance.  At the same time actively carry out the docking and joint investigation with the related main equipment manufacturers.  At present, the project has entered the sprint stage of electric joint adjustment before the official operation.  Comcore will make unremitting efforts and continue to stand the last post for the project operation guarantee!