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Comcore Won The Bid Of "Baihetan ~ Jiangsu ±800KV UHVDC Transmission Project Yucheng (Gusu) Converter Station Measuring Device "Supply Project  

Release time:2022-10-20

Comcore won the bid of "Measuring device for Yucheng (Usu) converter station of Baihetan ~ Jiangsu ±800KV UHVDC transmission project" in December 2020, which marked that the domestic fully autonomous current sensing fiber and its application technology, which Comcore is committed to, were once again applied in large quantity in the field of UHV high-end equipment manufacturing in China!

  "Baihetan ~ Jiangsu ±800KV UHVDC Transmission Project" (referred to as "Baijiang Project") is the world's first hybrid cascading UHVDC project. The hybrid cascading UHVDC transmission technology of "conventional DC + flexible DC" is developed for the first time in the world, which integrates UHVDC transmission with large capacity, long distance and low loss.  As well as the advantages of flexible DC transmission control flexibility and strong system support ability, demonstration and leading is of great significance.  A total of 282 sets of FCA-01 series all-fiber current sensors supplied by Comcore have been installed, covering the top of the valve, the bottom of the valve and the key core parts of the network test.  

At the same time, Baihetan ~ Jiangsu ±800KV UHVDC transmission project is also the first time to develop and apply a series of new equipment such as "controllable self-recovery energy dissipation device" in the UHV transmission project.  "Controllable self-recovery energy dissipation device" can quickly achieve millisecond level energy balance and greatly improve the power receiving capacity of East China Power Grid.  The current measuring device for this first application is also equipped with the FCA-01 series of all-fiber current sensors produced by Comcore.

Winning the bid for Baijiang Project is another significant application breakthrough after Comcore won the bid for the supply of current measuring devices for the "±420KV Yue-Hubei DC Back-to-back Project" in 2018, the "±500KV Zhangbei Flexible Direct Transmission Project" in 2019, and the "Qinghai ~ Henan ±800KV UHVDC Project Transfer Switch" in 2020.  Ongoing technological innovation, Comcore will keep stable and reliable product quality, the good service of state grid corporation in an open and win-win cooperation is the management idea, at the same time help colleagues to promote full optical fiber current sensor in the field of power grid and other measuring current application field is more widely used, contribute to the national strategy of manufacturing power!