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Reached All-Round Cooperation with Shanghai University

Release time:2020-05-20

On May29,2020, leaders and teachers from Shanghai University’s International Liaison Office and College of Science came to Comcore Optical Intelligence Technologies Co., Ltd.for exchange.On behalf of the enterprise, general manager Dr. Huang Yong expressed gratitude to the school leaders and teachers for their visit.He introduced the development of the industry and enterprises, pointed out that talents determine the future development of enterprises, and hoped to achieve all-round cooperation with his alma mater.The school leaders and teachers also expressed the desire for in-depth cooperation, expecting that both sides can give full play to their respective advantages and carry out deeper cooperation on major projects.

Finally, both sides reached a consensus and signed the establishment of Optoelectronic Production Practice Base of Shanghai University.At the same time, the both sides signed the establishment of Shanghai University Comcore Scholarship, which aims to encourage outstanding students to study hard and research.

At the previous awarding and appointment ceremony, deputy secretary Yao Yingchong presented Dr. Huang Yong with the teaching achievement award certificate of Shanghai University and appointed Dr. Huang Yong as a part-time professor of Shanghai University.