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Lensed Fiber Series Products Released By Comcore Optical Intelligence

Release time:2020-03-05

Lensed fiber, also known as fiber lens, generally refers to the fiber end which is directly processed into a lens like shape in order to achieve the function of optical path transformation or optical mode conversion. Compared with the traditional optical coupling external lens, the lensed fiber has the advantages of high coupling efficiency, small size, compact structure and easy to package. Different application fields have different requirements for the shapes of lensed fiber. The common shapes of optical lensed fiber are tapered, wedge-shaped, beveled, spherical, etc.

At present, there are three main methods to make lensed fiber: grinding, fused biconical taper (FBT), and chemical etching. Comcore Optical Intelligence has mastered the processing technology of grinding method and FBT method to produce the lensed fiber, and independently developed the corresponding production equipment. Therefore, the company can process and produce tapered, wedge-shaped, beveled, spherical and other lensed fibers to meet the needs of different applications.