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Comocre fiber optic current sensors have been in trouble-free operation for three years In ±800kV Lingzhou converter station

Release Time:2019-8-16

±800kV Lingzhou converter station, which was officially put into operation in August 2016, is the first and only UHV converter station in Ningxia, with a rated DC transmission power of 8000 MW. The daily power transmission capacity of this converter station is more than 100 million kwh, and the annual power transmission capacity is 50 billion kwh, which can meet nearly one sixth of the electricity demand of Zhejiang Province. By June 2019, this station has delivered 84 billion kwh of electricity to Zhejiang. This converter station continuously sends Ningxia's surplus power sources to Zhejiang, greatly alleviating the power shortage in Zhejiang, while providing a strong driving force for Ningxia's economic development.

Comocre fiber optic current sensors (FOCSs) are used to measure the current of the outdoor DC field neutral equipment of this converter station, with the rated current of 5000A and the accuracy level of 0.2. Although the outdoor climate of Lingzhou converter station is complex, by August 2019, two Comcore FOCSs still have good performance. Their performances are highly recognized by State Grid Ningxia Electric Power Co., Ltd., and the operative certificate of product is issued again:

The FOCSs have been operating normally for three years, relevant wave forms are shown in the annex.