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Universal Polarization Maintaining Fiber Fusion Splicer has been successfully developed by Comcore

Release Time:2017-05-12

Comcore has successfully developed PFS-500 Universal Polarization Maintaining (PM) Fiber Fusion Splicer with independent intellectual property rights, which breaks through the 30-year monopoly of foreign PM fiber fusion splicers on China’s market. This innovative splicer crushes the traditional PM fiber fusion splicers’ technical barrier. It divides the fiber polarization axis angular orientation positioning and the fiber fusion splicing functions into two independent units, which greatly simplifies the PM splicer’s structure and makes it easy to operate and maintain. The PFS-500 fusion splicer uses a more intuitive end-face imaging technology than the traditional side vision imaging method. The fiber end-face images are directly displayed with high-resolution and high optical magnification on a gridded monitor. Therefore, the end users can carry out the most critical angular positioning of the fiber polarization axis promptly with minimum efforts. The most significant advantage of PFS-500 is its capability of splicing various PM fiber combinations with identical or different stress structures, such as panda, elliptical core, I- type, and many others swiftly and precisely. It provides a sharp tool for the development and production of high-speed optical fiber communication and optical fiber sensing system.

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