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The 863 project undertaken by comcore was accepted by experts

Release time:2016-4-28

A few days ago, the ministry of science and technology organized experts to comcore company undertake the "flexible dc transmission for all fiber dc current sensor key technology research" project in ningbo completed the project acceptance. This project, no. 2013AA050101, is one of the "research on key technologies of flexible HVDC transmission" led by China southern power grid corporation, which is independently undertaken by Comcore company. The acceptance meeting was presided over by Chen suoyi, director of the high and new technology department of the ministry of science and technology. Liu jianming, former director of the science and technology department of the state grid, was appointed as the group leader. Also present at this acceptance meeting is li xiaolin, the chief expert of the project and vice President of China southern power grid research institute. The meeting first heard the detailed report of Dr. Huang yong, the leader of the research group, and answered the questions from leaders of the ministry of science and technology and members of the expert group.

Finally, after the serious discussion of the expert group members and the formation of a written opinion, it is agreed that: Comcore company developed all-fiber dc current sensor performance has reached the technical indicators developed for this subject. Agree to pass the acceptance. It marks that the 863 project undertaken by Comcore science and technology department has been successfully completed after three years of efforts of the company's research and development team.