Quality System

Comcore's quality control system complies to ISO9001 international standard. It does total quality assurance and it includes incoming material inspection, in-process testing and outgoing inspection.

Quality Policy:

  • Top-ranking markets
  • Top-ranking technologies
  • Top-ranking products
  • Top-ranking services

Quality Objectives:

  • Ensure all Ultra-High Reliability components comply to Telcordia™ GR1221 standard
  • Pursue more than 95% Customer Satisfaction
  • Pursue less than 5% Customer Complaint

Quality Commitments:

  • Meet the customers' specified and potential requirements for products
  • Strengthen employees' quality consciousness and strive to realize full products qualified
  • Deliver on time
  • Respond to customers' complaints in 24 hours
  • CoC report available

ISO9001:2015 Certificate: