Company Profile

Founded in October 2000, Comcore Optical Intelligence Technologies Co., Ltd. is a designer, manufacturer and leading supplier of fiber optics components (coupler and WDM) and related modules. Comcore Technologies offers a full portfolio of fused fiber products including regular single mode coupler / splitter, wavelength division multiplexer (WDM), polarization-maintaining fiber products (PM coupler and WDM), and plastic fiber products based on Comcore's unique Superfusion™, Unifusion™, Allwavelength™, and Microbend™ manufacturing processes. Dr. Yong Huang, founder and President, has over 30 years of experience in the photonics industry, especially in the fused fiber products (FFPs) field. He worked in E-TEK Dynamics Inc. (now JDSU company) for many years, where he was in charge of the fused fiber coupler department developing and manufacturing various products for fiber optics communications and industry applications.

With a staff team of more than two hundred professionals, Comcore Technologies is becoming market leader in fused fiber products sector in this dynamic photonics industry. Comcore's cutting-edge technologies and the expertise of innovations enable the fully standard-qualified products and services delivery for the customers worldwide. Our products has been widely used and integrated in modules and subsystem/system applicable to many industries such as telecommunication, CATV, test equipment, automation, automobile, military, fiber sensing and medical applications. Utilizing the dozens of proprietary in-house fused fiber workstations of model FFP5000, FFP6000, and FFP7000, we are proud of our capability and capacity to meet the increasing critical demand for outstanding performance such as PDL-Free, PMD-Free, and Loss-Free and ultra-high reliability qualification complying with Telecordia 1209 and 1221 standard.

Headquartered in Shanghai, China. Comcore Technologies integrates the design and marketing expertise with low cost manufacture production together and continues to serve the reviving fiber optics industry. We provide excellent engineering services, custom design, technical support, product review, rapid samples prototyping and mass production fast ramp-up for our customers. Comcore believes that our customers' success is Comcore's success, which is also the key to drive our product innovation and service excellence and keep the competitive edge of Comcore Technologies.